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UntitledHi. I’m Melissa. I know what it is like to dream big, but feel at a loss as to how to actually make those dreams happen. “I want to start my own business…write a book…change the world,” I would say to anyone who would listen. And then I would tell them what was stopping me. 

At the age of 10, I was diagnosed with Scoliosis. By the age of 12, I’d had major surgery leaving me with three metal rods fused to my spine. By the age of 46, I’d had over 13 major surgeries (including a mastectomy and a second spinal surgery), countless medical procedures and had been diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases and a laundry list of other maladies.

Over time, I made this to mean two things:

1) I would have to work extra hard to be enough.
2) I would be limited in what I could actually accomplish. 

So, you won’t find it surprising that I became a professional overachiever. If you asked me for something, you would get it, times one hundred. If you hired me, I worked my ass off. I was promoted and praised. I started a business and a non-profit. Yet with every job, every business, every compliment, I felt less and less fulfilled.

I ran myself into the ground…


……and again

………and again.

Throughout those years, I kept dreaming of what I really wanted to be doing. But, I couldn’t seem to get over my own limiting beliefs. Then, one day something occurred to me. With my health issues, my journey is not likely to get any easier. And then I realized something else. It isn’t about it getting easier. It is about embracing this journey I am on, with all of its walls, and wells, and detours. It is about getting out of my own way and making things happen, despite what I am up against. Today, I face my walls head on, and I am scaling them one at a time.  

I know what it is like to feel trapped by your own beliefs. I am clear that we put up walls and then can’t figure out how to get around them. I understand how debilitating anxiety can be. I know how powerless we feel to change, even when change is what we so desperately want. 

As your yoga instructor and life coach, I will teach you to manage your stress, scale your walls, and embrace your journey. If you are up to starting your own business, I will help you start that business you’ve always dreamed of and get you and your business streamlined and moving forward with intention.

My mission is to help badass moms, workaholics, and majorly stressed out peeps transform their lives in the most powerful way. Wanna join me?

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